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[發表時間]:2021-01-20 [瀏覽次數]:

Call for Papers on "Spatial Political Economy of Regional Development"

The world is experiencing widespread changes unseen in a century. Meanwhile, China’s economic development is entering a new stage, but our society is still facing significant challenges triggered by imbalanced and insufficient development. The spatial patterns of China’s economic development are undergoing profound adjustments. Adhering to coordinated regional development strategy, improving development systems, and building a high-quality land-space layout have proven to be effective ways to promote coordinated regional development. However, there are various obstacles to further progress. In-depth research that combines spatial economics and political economy is therefore urgently needed to reach a comprehensive understanding of these issues.

In order to promote the development of spatial political economy and provide research support for the development of China’s regional economy, School of Economics in Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE), Shanghai Institute for National Economy (SJTU), and Young Economist Society (YES) are co-organizing a workshop to identify the important frontier issues in China’s regional development and seek serious research from academia. The workshop is strongly supported by theChina& World Economy (SSCI Journal). The outstanding papers in the workshop will be published in the journal after anonymous reviews.

The workshop calls for papers on the following topics:

1.Urban agglomeration construction and cross-regional coordination mechanism

2.Integrated mechanism, optimized factor allocation efficiency, and metropolitan area construction

3.Institutions, policies, and their impact on market integration

4.Coordinated urban and rural development and equalization of public services

5.Impact evaluation of place-based policies

6.Urbanization based on county towns and optimal urban system

7.Impact of central-local relations on regional development

8.Population, land policy, and rural revitalization

9.Other issues related to the spatial political economy of regional development

Note that the papers submitted to the workshop do not need to cover all the above topics. Cutting through from a certain perspective for in-depth analysis is strongly encouraged.

Submitted papers must be original and unpublished works by the author(s), in Chinese or English. For English papers, please refer to the submission style of theChina& World Economy. For Chinese papers, please refer to the submission style of theJingji Yanjiu (Economic Research Journal).

Authors should submit the preliminary draft or completed draft of their papers to rdspecufe@163.com by May 7, 2021 and indicate "submission to regional conference" in the letterhead. The conference committee will notify the authors of selected papers by May 21, 2021. The workshop will be held at the Central University of Finance and Economics on June 5, 2021. Outstanding papers selected at this workshop should be revised based on the reviewers’ comments, and the revised English version must be submitted toChina& World Economy before July 5, 2021. Then, the submitted papers will enter the anonymous review process.

The workshop organizer will provide accommodation for participants, while the travel expenses are borne by participants themselves.

School of Economics, CUFE

Shanghai Institute for National Economy, SJTU

China& World Economy

Young Economist Society (YES)



為了推進“空間政治經濟學”的發展,并為中國區域經濟發展提供研究支撐,中央財經大學經濟學院、上海交通大學中國發展研究院聯合中國青年經濟學家聯誼會共同發起本次會議,希望能夠明確提出當前中國區域發展的重要議題,獲得學術研究的回答。會議得到了China & World Economy雜志(SSCI期刊)的大力支持,會議的優秀論文通過匿名評審后將發表于該雜志。


1. 城市群建設與跨地區的協調機制

2. 一體化機制、優化要素配置效率與都市圈建設

3. 制度、政策及其對市場一體化的影響

4. 城鄉統籌發展與公共服務均等化

5. 區域導向的發展政策(Place-based policy)效果評估

6. 以縣城為載體的城鎮化建設與最優城市體系

7. 中央-地方關系對區域協調發展的影響

8. 人口、土地政策與鄉村振興

9. 與區域發展的空間政治經濟學相關的其他議題


投稿論文須是作者原創、尚未公開發表的作品,中英文均可。英文論文請參照China & World Economy投稿體例寫作,中文論文請參照《經濟研究》投稿體例寫作。

作者請于2021年5月7日之前,將論文初稿或完成稿,提交到信箱rdspecufe@163.com,并在信件中注明 “投稿區域會議”。論壇組委將于2021年5月21日前將入選論文信息通知作者。會議將于2021年6月5日在中央財經大學舉辦,本次會議評選出的優秀論文,須根據會議意見進行修改,并在7月5號前將英文修改版提交給China & World Economy,進入匿名審稿程序。




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